TEAM – Tobacco Education and Action Module

What do you need to know to help someone stop smoking or using other tobacco products? This module was created to answer that question.

It is for all those who want to support tobacco users—such as clients, students, co-workers, staff, friends, or family members—to stop using tobacco.

This information is here to help you understand the change process and offer support for behaviour change. A person often feels two ways about making a change: part of him wants to change and part of him resists change. He may know he needs to change but doesn’t know how to do it. People often need to address three key factors when considering change:

  1. Importance – compared with all the other things in his life, how important is this issue?
  2. Readiness – how ready is he to stop using tobacco and when will he begin?
  3. Confidence – how confident is he in his ability to make a change and how will he do it?

The module sections will provide you with information to:

  • Gain an overview of tobacco dependency and nicotine addiction.
  • Understand the health effects of using tobacco and the health benefits of stopping.
  • Become familiar with the many different tobacco products on the market.
  • Review the effects of second- and third-hand smoke on humans and pets.
  • Look at the benefits of having Smoke-free Homes and Vehicles.
  • Understand what motivates people to make change.
  • Explore the process, or stages, of change.
  • Determine what level of support you are able to provide.
  • Begin conversations with tobacco users in a supportive, respectful way.
  • Be a good listener, allowing the tobacco user to do most of the talking.
  • Understand the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, associated with stopping smoking.
  • Become familiar with stop smoking products, resources, and referrals.
  • Provide ‘fast facts’ about tobacco use.
  • Access applicable and relevant forms, charts, and schedules.
  • Find training workshops, on-line training, and other resources.
  • Locate literature reviews and references.

The information in this module is meant to assist you in providing informal support for tobacco cessation and is based on Best Practices in research and in the field.

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After many consultations, TEAM is in it’s final draft stage. We would welcome your feedback: please send comments to our office at: